Prog n Slog n Frog

I began cutting up and collaging my palette paper today. I'm digging some of the marbling and things happening and will probably dissect the large canvas tomorrow too

Yesterday, Lynne Cook gave a great lecture about the exhibition Outliers and American Vanguard Art, which she curated. These are bad phone snaps but I love the Dragon by John B Flannagan so so much. 

Tonight was the 2018 SAIC LRMFA show! I didn't take any pictures but it was a nice presentation. I'll be over there again before we leave and will surely take some.

I also can not get the George Harrison song "Behind That Locked Door" out of my head this week. I love the Jim James version too 

Also loving this Alejandra Pizarnik poem for Janis Joplin (below)

Ryan Sandison Montgomery - July 12 2018
Alejandra Pizarnik 

Alejandra Pizarnik