Love Is A Nose But You Better Not Pick It

-       (rose) What successes have you had? What made these successes possible, and what have you learned from them to bring into your work going forward?

I have deeply enjoyed the studio visits and group crits that I have had. I find these to be the most generative interactions of the program. I have pages of names, notes, and reference material which I’ll be mulling over all year.

            - (thorn) What failures have you had? What contributed to these failures? What have you learned in order to "fail forward" or "fail better"?

My colloquium presentation was a bust. I will be approaching that differently. Most likely I will "fail forward" by making a simple power point presentation.

            - (bud) What new ideas are you interested in? What new methods of working, or research topics, or strategies, did you discover that you want to pursue further?

I feel as though the ideas I’m interested in are extensions of my already extant practice, which is great. The two most important things that happened this summer were that I felt I was given permission to be a painter, which was not something I realized I needed to be told, and that I was introduced to the idea of decisions that are made with our conscious competence, unconscious competence, conscious incompetence, and unconscious incompetence. I can’t stop thinking about this.