Klint AF

The reading I’ve been doing is intermingling in my thoughts with a visit to New York this past week. I was able to see the Hilma af Klint show at the Guggenheim, though it was done at the speed of my 5 year old who was mostly interested in running up the ramp. I’m not sure if my real life experience with the work was more fulfilling than the digital experiences I’ve had. Then there’s my own photographs put onto instagram. Is this all not part of my relationship to the work? I’ve thought a great deal about the presenting paintings digitally either in lieu of the actual work or beside the original work   


I’m thinking about control, power, letting artwork (or literature) do what it will. I’m thinking about experiencing work in the context of ones own life. The Jew’s Daughter by Judd Morrissey has me thinking about fluidity and misdirection, taking a viewer with you. The Voice in Cinema and associated critique has me thinking about sound as omnidirectional, sight as unidirectional (why do we like flat imagery, even arguably in text?), I’m thinking still a lot about frames as cages: stretcher bars, gallery walls; places we can contain what’s precious to us. This all orbits around thoughts about the physicality of artwork and, outside of my courses, I have been discussing the politics of body positivity and awareness a great deal--the presence of an artist’s story and body and its relationship to the work.


I’m thinking a lot about disingenuousness, and about performativity