Cayley’s Listeners has really connected to Chion’s The Voice in Cinema for me and discussion of the acousmetre. Much of what I’ve been thinking about these past few months has been spacial awareness and embodiment and where this intersects with “storytelling”. I’ve been reading Rachel Cusk’s Outline too which takes a somewhat passive approach to narration and, to me, acts more like an instrument in an orchestra than a singer-songwriter, for instance. This all connects to painting for me by making me consider how I might hang a show while still making two dimensional pieces (nevermind for a moment the content of those pieces). I am seeing frames now as cages, whether they are canvas boundaries or the boundaries of gallery or museum walls. I am also thinking about sonic space. But perhaps where my stance is unusual: I don’t know that cages are a bad thing or can be gotten rid of. Instead I feel this fact should be acknowledged and then manipulated. These cages are about our desire for control and why not give people a sense of containment? Oh, right, but wait. I’m talking about containment. URN-ification. The difference between a vessel and a person. The keepers of the patriarchy: the axe wielder and the manipulative sufferer (from Jordan). Containment. Hm… Then I’m back to rhizomes. How to plant roots, how to make change. I believe we can only nudge our children, nudge the universe